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Pandemic Support Solutions

Reopening Your Business After COVID-19

Are you prepared to reopen your workplace or building? We are helping organizations mitigate risk and create safe working and operational environments. Our unique comprehensive approach includes technology solutions, operational plans, policies, procedures and training, and physical and cyber security measures. Whether your organization is contemplating where to begin with its efforts to reopen or needs specific, targeted advice, our experienced team is ready to provide leadership and strategic guidance.

  • Temperature screening solutions to build confidence in employers, employees, contractors, and visitors

  • Touchless technology such as biometrics, mobile apps, and automation with door systems
  • Case management and tracking for employers and building managers
  • Communication tools to issuing updates on building/location status, reopening information, work requirements, and cleaning status
  • System integrations to analysis and record data on occupancy, issuance of PPE, cleaning status, and scheduling for staggered work shifts
  • Analytics to drive conformance with CDC guidelines on social distancing and PPE
  • Designing technology solutions to meet the demands of a post COVID-19 world
  • Remote intelligence via our Global Intelligence Center and managed services offerings for administering your security systems from our off-site center
  • Deployment of robots and drone technology to minimize human impact / exposure such as patrolling parking structures, arenas, and warehouses

  • Risk analysis on people movement and access needs of essential workers to determine protective actions in reducing exposure to those risks

  • Business continuity plan to ensure contingencies are in place if employees, C-Suite, facilities, or regions are impacted by COVID-19
  • Workplace violence program training based on the increase of domestic violence cases as a result of shelter-in-place orders
  • Security and safety policies for visitors, contractors, and employees around access to facilities and reporting
  • Development of procedures for facilities management and security operations to collect, analysis, and act upon information from all occupants on travel history, contact tracing, and health status within HIPPA and other requirements
  • Enhancement of postal mail screening and delivery processes to reduce carriers exposure and points of handling
  • Guidance on personal protective equipment for employers, employees, concierge, security, facilities, and guests
  • Virtual tabletop training exercises to bolster effectiveness of response plans
  • Guidance on screening protocols around denial of entry, crowd control, queuing, and access into the workspace
  • Training on communication of risk mitigation strategies, policies, processes, and status of business based on evolving information on COVID-19, CDC guidelines, federal/state/local requirements
  • Participation in C-Suite steering committees as a subject matter experts
  • In-house Chief Security Officer expertise to assist in corporate program maturity and guidance

  • Guidance on protection measures for public facing interaction points (lobby desks, security officers, parking controls, concierge, etc.)

  • Reduction of entries into a facility to control access for proper screening / occupancy protocols
  • Guidance on barriers and methods to protect front-line workers such as lobby attendants and /or security officers
  • Increased security measures for non-occupied or vacant spaces due to remote working or business closures
  • Creation of standards to enable a consistent deployment of security solutions across the enterprise
  • Cyber security vulnerability assessment of vacant facilities prior to re-entry of workforce

  • Perform investigations (internal or external) to support business matters

  • Support for regulatory investigations
  • Guidance on OSHA requirements for adherence to new/enhanced response measures
  • Navigation and application assistance for federal grant funds provided as part of CARES Act
  • Immigration (I-9 Workers) assistance and navigating the changing laws/requirements based on executive orders
  • Assistance with private/public communications between agencies on reopening certifications
  • Development of a business case to be listed as Essential business in USA / MEXICO
  • Independent compliance reviews to include risk assessment, policies and procedures, staffing and systems

The landscape is rapidly evolving, and our experts are available to support your business to ensure that you are prepared to bring your employees and customers back safely.  Guidepost is focused on protecting your business, including your office space, employees and customers.

It is important to note that grant money may be available through state or local public health or other agencies. We are available to assist in identifying and evaluating options.

Representative Clients

Major Urban County Buildings

Developed comprehensive reopening plans for 15 county buildings including courthouses, office buildings, and warehouses for one of the nation’s largest circuit courts; Provided enhanced entry screening procedures, assessed temperature screening technology and requirements, developed expanded screening zones that met CDC guidance on social distancing; Implemented physical security measures to protect security operations, reduction of entry points / circulation of people to minimize cost impacts

Nationwide Food Processing Company

Thermal screening technology solutions; Supported development of screening processes, layout, and design of system

Global Credit Card Company

Identified thermal scanning solutions; Designed policies and procedures for deployment adhering to compliance regulations

National Real Estate Firm

Assisted in the developed of reopening plans for multiple multi-tenant buildings within the portfolio.  We provided expertise on touchless technology solutions, physical security measures to protect property teams and security, and assessed the need for temperature screening technology

Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Comprehensive COVID-19 response across China, Europe, North America; Operational assessment; Security control implementation; Continuity planning and re-opening planning

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