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2012 & Prior

Guidepost Solutions News 2012 & Prior

Selling Solutions, Not Capabilities: How Guidepost Solutions Stays on Top

September 10, 2012
In a recent post on their Profitable Brilliance blog, Russ Alan Prince and Bruce Rogers write, “A firm that is one of the very best in its field and uniquely understands how to deftly communicate its expertise to clients, prospects and referral sources is Guidepost Solutions LLC.” The post highlights Guidepost’s expertise at helping clients to solve problems and its ability to deliver the “finest in investigatory and security services worldwide.”

Optimum Kid’s Day Popular at 37th Hampton Classic Hundreds of Children Enjoy The Show

September 01, 2012
Hampton Classic
Guidepost Solutions Private Client Protection sponsored the 2012 Hampton Classic Horse Show over Labor Day weekend. A Hampton Classic press release notes that, “Guidepost Solutions, a global leader in monitoring, compliance, international investigations and risk-management solutions, ran a scavenger hunt and provided participants with Junior Investigator Kits.” Thank you to everyone who participated!

Security Failures: Who Pays The Tab?

August 05, 2012
Credit Union Times
Ken Citarella, Managing Director of Guidepost Solutions’investigations and cyber forensics practice, was recently featured in a Credit Union Times article. The article discussed a ruling by a federal appeals court in Maine that held a bank liable for nearly $590,000 stolen from a client’s account by a cyber-criminal because, according to the court, the bank could have done more to prevent the crime. Until this ruling, banks were under the impression that if they provided a generally accepted level of security then they would not be liable for a breach. Ken Citarella said, “’The decision creates a dilemma for financial institutions. The court said a generic, one size fits all solution is not sufficient, but who said what is sufficient?’Citarella suggested that one consequence of the ruling may be raised security demands for clients at financial institutions. “If this decision stands, every transaction may have to involve more inconvenience.”

Guidepost Team Members Receive Certification as Certified Information Privacy Professionals

August 03, 2012
International Association of Privacy Professionals
On Friday, August 3 Kenneth Citarella, Managing Director, and Alexandra Greco, Investigations Manager, received certification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals as Certified Information Privacy Professionals for private sector United States (CIPP/US).

UPDATE-A $410 Million ‘Turf Battle’

August 01, 2012
Wall Street Journal
Guidepost Solutions’ Chairman Bart Schwartz comments on a settlement related to the Bernard Madoff bankruptcy between Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and J. Ezra Merkin.

Search for Answers in Ga. Banker’s Mysterious Disappearance

July 14, 2012
Fox News
Guidepost Solutions Managing Director Ken Citarella was interviewed on Justice with Judge Jeanine to discuss the disappearance of Georgia banker Aubrey Lee Price.

Financial Firms Must Review Vendors’Information Security, Experts Say After Report on FIS Practices

June 13, 2012
Thomson Reuters Complinet Complete
Guidepost Solutions Managing Director Kenneth Citarella was quoted in a recent Thomson Reuters/Complinet article about the increasing pressure on financial firms to improve their evaluations of their vendor’s information security.

With a Merger Unlikely, Dewey’s Options Shrink

May 02, 2012
The New York Times
Seth C. Farber and Harvey Kurzweil, the two Dewey partners conducting the internal investigation of Steven H. Davis, the former chairman, retained Guidepost Solutions, led by Bart M. Schwartz, a former chief of the criminal division at the United States attorney in Manhattan.

New Rules for Secret Service in Wake of Scandal

April 29, 2012
Former agent Andrew O’Connell discusses the Secret Service’s new rules in light of the Colombian prostitution scandal.

Will New Secret Service Code of Conduct Work?

April 28, 2012
CBS News
Guidepost’s Andrew O’Connell, speaks with Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarvis about the Secret Service’s new behavior guidelines.

Former Secret Service Agent Describes Life on Road

April 21, 2012
Former Secret Service agent Andrew O’Connell, Guidepost’s explains the role of the department’s advanced operations team and how members of that team may spend their time on the road.

Settlements Are a Good Roadmap for Compliance Programs, Former Deferred-Prosecution Monitor Says

April 03, 2012
Thomson Reuters Accelus
Guidepost Solutions’ Chairman Bart Schwartz suggests that settlements provide detailed descriptions of what changes the company is going to take and offer guidance as to, “What the government believes is an acceptable compliance program. You have to look at those and see what is right for your industry. That combined with the guidelines is really the only statement you have as to what is satisfactory.”

College Entrance Exam Security Tightened After Scandal

March 27, 2012
Security at U.S. college entrance examinations will be tightened this fall after widespread cheating was disclosed last year, testing officials and the Nassau County, New York, district attorney’s office said.

Why Your Board Wants Compliance Stories

January 19, 2012
Big Fat Finance Blog
I’ve been talking to risk management, compliance and internal auditing experts this month to get a feel for how they expect their realms to evolve during the next 12 to 18 months. I’ve heard some interesting ideas. I’ve also heard the same interesting idea repeated more than once; and, as the saying goes, “here’s how journalists (or bloggers) count to three: one, two, trend.”

SAIC Removes Three Executives in Fraud Probe

October 24, 2011
Washington Post
SAIC has hired the law firm Gibson Dunn to review its internal policies and practices and Guidepost Solutions to review its response to the controversy.

Dennis Kozlowski Talks Jail, Pay

October 21, 2011
Wall Street Journal
Some ex-prosecutors believe shareholders benefit from convicted executives’harsh sentences. Lengthy sentences “act as a deterrent because people don’t want to face the possibility of going to jail,” stated Bart Schwartz.

HR, Legal Can Be Obstacle To Compliance

April 01, 2011 Blogs – Corruption Currents
The legal and human resources departments of a company play an important role in compliance but may also represent an obstacle to learning from mistakes, according to Bart Schwartz.

Deutsche Makes Deal In Tax Case

December 21, 2010
New York Times Dealbook
The government chooses Bart M. Schwartz to oversee compliance.


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