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Freedom Tower – One World Trade Center

Guidepost Solutions (as a component of the Fortress Monitoring Group) was retained by the Inspector General of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to monitor the $4 billion construction of One World Trade Center (the Freedom Tower) at the World Trade Center complex in New York, after the original World Trade Center towers were destroyed by the terrorist attacks of 9/11. For nearly eight years, our team and its partners monitored and audited hundreds of vendors and thousands of their workers, contractors and subcontractors, for compliance with federal, state, and local laws related to fraud, waste, and abuse, and labor practices.

As the Project Integrity Monitor, we oversaw, from an integrity perspective, all facets of the project including labor practices; procurement; contract management; records compliance; labor, materials and equipment billings; and safety and environmental compliance. We fulfilled that role as follows:

  • On a daily basis we observed site construction activities and gathered field intelligence and reviewed documents being generated.
  • Our engineers and architects worked with other team members to provide technical expertise and guidance and review project schedules, budgets and processes.
  • We reviewed the environmental compliance process for indications of potential wrongdoing, including on-site and off-site reviews.
  • We regularly performed labor audits of contractors to confirm payment of prevailing wages and accurate overtime hours along with transmittal of proper union benefits.
  • We attended all bid openings and closely monitored the procurement process from bid solicitation to contract award looking for indications of contract steering and other improprieties.
  • We conducted forensic audits of payment requisitions including all accompanying supporting documentation, change orders, MWBE participation and certified payrolls.
  • We reviewed the safety processes for indications of misrepresentations, including fraudulent training certificates and falsification of inspection reports.