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Welcome to Our Point of View on Construction Monitoring

Welcome to Our Point of View on Construction Monitoring

MAY 1, 2012

Hello, I’m Tom McShane. I have experience directing complex investigations into allegations of corrupt practices by the management of corporations and other organizations, and I frequently work under the direction of governmental authorities. I started my career as a prosecutor specializing in the investigation and prosecution of public corruption in the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. Subsequently, I served as staff counsel to the New York State Commission on Government Integrity, and as Chief Counsel to the New York State Temporary Commission on Local Government Ethics.

Hello, I’m Joe Jaffe and leader of Guidepost’s London office and Europe, Middle East, and Africa practice. In the past I was elected District Attorney of Sullivan County, New York, and was responsible for investigating and prosecuting a wide range of state crimes. I spent seven years in the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York as Assistant United States Attorney, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division and Chief of the Official Corruption Section and as Administrative Assistant United States Attorney. I also served as Acting Chief Inspector of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, where I investigated and tried complex business fraud, public corruption, terrorist and bombing cases. All of these positions have given me wide-ranging legal experience across a variety of areas.

In this blog, we will be focusing on construction monitoring and discussing some of the current issues and events impacting this sector.

One recent event that received widespread media attention was the crane collapse at the new World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan that killed one construction worker and injured others. As The New York Times reported, “The crane had passed a full inspection by the Buildings Department in July; a more recent inspection in January had not been completed, and was rescheduled for April 5, two days after the crane came crashing down.”

This is a prime example of how crucial routine inspections are, and of how devastating it might be when the inspection process is delayed. Officials are still investigating this incident, and it is still unclear whether a timely inspection would have detected the ultimate cause of the accident. However, this incident highlights the importance of the integrity of the procedures and processes involved in the construction industry. Construction monitoring is a way to ensure the integrity of those processes.

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Thomas A. McShane is the president of investigations and monitoring at Guidepost Solutions.  He plays a key supervisory role in many of the company’s complex and high-profile cases involving organizations in various industries and sectors.  Mr. McShane spearheaded the development of the company’s Independent Monitoring Program and works with numerous governmental and quasi-governmental authorities. He has served as Counsel to the New York State Commission on Government Integrity and Chief Counsel to a successor commission, the New York State Temporary Commission on Local Government Ethics. Thomas can be reached at


As Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel, Joseph Jaffeoversees regulatory compliance issues and assists with legal matters for all of Guidepost Solutions’ offices. In addition, he leads the company’s Europe, Middle East and Africa practice. Joseph can be reached at