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Welcome to Bart’s Blog

Welcome to Bart’s Blog

MAY 7, 2012

Hello, I’m Bart Schwartz, Chairman of Guidepost Solutions. For over 30 years, I’ve managed complex investigations and prosecutions, and provided sophisticated investigative services. I have extensive experience as a crisis manager, integrity monitor, and corporate compliance advisor. Throughout my career, I have been appointed to monitor the conduct of corporations, including BP, Deutsche Bank and Hewlett-Packard. Prior to founding Guidepost, I founded and was CEO of Decision Strategies, an internationally recognized investigative and security firm. Earlier in my career, I served under United States Attorney Rudolph Giuliani as the Chief of the Criminal Division in the Southern District of New York. In that post, I had direct responsibility for overseeing prosecutions related to financial and business fraud, organized crime, and other types of white collar crime.

I enjoy discussing events and issues relevant to my work and frequently speak at conferences and other events. I am looking forward to using this blog as another opportunity to share my views.

About the Author

schwartz_bBART M. SCHWARTZ

Bart M. Schwartz is the chairman of Guidepost Solutions LLC, a global leader in investigations, due diligence, security and technology consulting, immigration and cross-border consulting, and monitoring and compliance solutions. Bart can be reached at


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