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Cyber Security Boom on Wall Street is Growing

Cyber Security Boom on Wall Street is Growing

JULY 9, 2015

With yesterday’s news that the New York Stock Exchange halted trading in all securities after reporting a computer malfunction, a number of cyber security stocks saw rapid growth as talks of “breach” and “internal technical issues” were passed around. On a day when technical problems also temporarily shut down United Airlines’ flights as well as The Wall Street Journal’s website seeing unavailable periods, the discussion on another cyber-attack quickly filled the halls of many Fortune 500 companies.


Many investors took this news as a warning sign to double-down on big names in the cyber protection world, seeing some cyber stocks rise two and three percent. With the  growing threat of potential cyber-attacks and more and more news coming out each week about a possible breach, companies can no longer claim, “they’ve never seen anything like this” or “I hope it doesn’t happen to us.” The real threat of these attacks has made more Fortune 500 companies invest real dollars into these types of protection procedures and thus we have the rise of cyber security stocks today as news breaks.


When choosing a cyber-security firm, no matter the size of your company, you need a firm that will work in partnership with you to develop a state-of-the-art cyber protection program; making your organization less vulnerable to attempts to compromise your privacy and data. Highly experienced cyber professionals have the expertise to design effective programs that deter and detect from potential attackers, as well as provide cyber breach response plans and vulnerability assessments.


Cyber security remains one of the hottest debated topics among presidential candidates with legislation being discussed almost daily. Companies are realizing this is no longer a reactionary process; but a program and procedure that must be discussed and taken seriously with the correct steps to be proactive and to have effective threat awareness.

About the author


Matthew Wharton is president of Security and Technology Consulting at Guidepost Solutions LLC.  He has more than 30 years of experience in cyber security, system design and project management, global command and control centers, security assessments and managed services. Matthew can be reached at


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