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Construction Monitoring and What It Entails

Construction Monitoring and What It Entails

July 12, 2012

A recent article by Michael A. Scotto in the New York Law Journal points out that “the creation of false business records, the offering of false instruments for filing with the state or a subdivision, the alteration of documents, the theft of money, and the corruption of the process by the payment of bribes” are all common forms of illegal activity that occur in the construction industry.

Guidepost Solutions is very familiar with these issues. As integrity monitor of both construction companies and major construction projects sites, Guidepost works on behalf of its clients every day to combat these practices.

From start to finish, the construction process must be monitored if the integrity of the project is to be assured.  The procurement process is rife with opportunity for fraud and corruption, including accommodating bids, preferential treatment, and deceptive pricing. Similarly, project administration presents a minefield of opportunity for abusive and fraudulent practices; “padding” of costs for services and materials is common. All of these schemes drive up the cost of a project – and ultimately threaten the financial viability of ownership. Integrity monitoring is a practical and cost-conscious way to detect and prevent these activities.

Integrity monitoring in the construction arena encompasses all aspects of the construction process, from the creation of bid lists to the selection of contractors to contract administration to final reconciliation of contract payments. Guidepost Solutions, which is currently monitoring two high visibility, multi-year, multi-billion dollar construction projects in New York City, is well positioned to provide integrity monitoring services on any construction project your firm may be considering. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate how our services will reduce the costs of your project while also protecting the integrity of the project and the reputation of your firm.

About the authors


Thomas A. McShane is the president of investigations and monitoring at Guidepost Solutions.  He plays a key supervisory role in many of the company’s complex and high-profile cases involving organizations in various industries and sectors.  Mr. McShane spearheaded the development of the company’s Independent Monitoring Program and works with numerous governmental and quasi-governmental authorities. He has served as Counsel to the New York State Commission on Government Integrity and Chief Counsel to a successor commission, the New York State Temporary Commission on Local Government Ethics. Thomas can be reached at


As Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel, Joseph Jaffe oversees regulatory compliance issues and assists with legal matters for all of Guidepost Solutions’ offices. In addition, he leads the company’s Europe, Middle East and Africa practice. Joseph can be reached at


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