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Compliance Problems Must Be Addressed Immediately

Compliance Problems Must Be Addressed Immediately

May 8, 2012

An article in the Harvard Business Review illustrates how inadequate internal monitoring can have negative consequences for companies even years after any alleged wrongdoing. The author notes that executives must be proactive in their compliance efforts and “not engage in willful ignorance and indifference with the hope the problem will remain hidden.” Problems that arise from insufficient governance can quickly snowball if they are not acknowledged and dealt with immediately.

Guidepost Solutions can help companies ensure that their governance and compliance processes are fully adequate and up-to-date, so that they are ready to handle problems internally and avoid any outside corporate investigations.

About the author


Andrew J. O’Connell serves as president of the Investigations and Private Client Protection practice at Guidepost Solutions. He is a former federal prosecutor and federal agent with expert investigative and security consulting experience. Mr. O’Connell oversees and conducts private investigations and security assessments throughout the United States and the world. Andrew can be reached at


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