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Active Shooters Have A Plan – Do You?


June 12, 2017
By John P. Torres

Read any of the news preparedheadlines and on any given week you will see a story of an active shooter attack.  Last week’s shooting at a Dallas car dealership and the terrorist attack on the streets of London are yet more jarring reminders of the threats we face in public spaces and work places across the country from rogue active shooters seeking to take lives and disrupt our sense of safety.

A common theme among active shooters is often the meticulous effort they go through to plan their actions in the hope of achieving the greatest extent of destruction and mayhem.  As each tragedy unfolds we find ourselves recommitting to “doing something this time” to be prepared.  Given the randomness of when and where an active shooter may strike, employers, businesses, schools and other entities need at a minimum, an emergency plan, as well as robust training and awareness efforts and ideallyregular training exercises.

Protecting buildings and properties is no easy task but risk can be controlled and lives can be protected with the right combination of knowledge, experience, and resources. The key to safeguarding buildings and properties is the strategic placement of security assets, which can only be learned from real world experience.

To read the entire article about active shooter preparedness, please click on this link –

Contacting us is the first step in identifying your security needs. We will provide you with a tailored approach that combines best practices, leverages years of strategic security engagements in both the public and private sectors, and maximizes budget and time parameters.



John Torres
Chief Operating Officer, STC and President, Federal Practice

John P. Torres has extensive investigative and security experience. Previously, he served as the Special Agent in Charge for Homeland Security Investigations in Washington, D.C. and Virginia. His background includes more than 27 years of experience providing investigative and security management for the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Justice, including serving as the Acting Director and the Deputy Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. John can be reached at


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