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Security Consulting

Guidepost Solutions provides an integrated suite of threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments, project management, and operational consulting services to help clients achieve the maximum level of security. We help clients to identify, measure and analyze a full spectrum of physical, cyber and integrity threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Security Consulting Services

Crisis Management Planning

Guidepost Solutions LLC offers comprehensive risk mitigation and crisis management solutions tailored to the needs of companies, individuals and their counsel. Our clients have unique, high-risk profiles requiring access to a broad range of skills and support solutions to mitigate risks and manage crises. These solutions range from sophisticated global security measures, investigations, compliance and ethics programs, and public relations.

Guidepost’s global offerings bring our clients the experience and expertise of our “best in class” professional staff made up of former federal prosecutors, federal agents, cyber and computer forensics experts and forensic accountants, among others. Our team offers clients personalized attention and unmatched knowledge and experience, delivered with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Guidepost helps clients identify, respond to, and prevent reputational, physical, cyber, and financial threats and crises that arise. In addition to providing long-term risk and crisis management solutions, Guidepost’s global team, available 24/7/365 and possessing multi-language capabilities, is ready to respond during emergencies.

Clients often have to act quickly, decisively and effectively to address a full range of incidents that unexpectedly may impact assets and reputations. Our team of experts assesses vulnerability for crises, develops crisis prevention plans, responds to crises when they occur and, after occurrence, provides post-incident assessments to contain reputational threats and prevent future incidents.

We work with clients to develop crisis management plans for business and individuals, focused on physical and personal safety and asset and brand protection, to enable the engagement of critical resources in a timely manner to contain, respond to, and mitigate the impact of a crisis. We also liaise with relevant government agencies on a global basis to assist during a crisis situation, such as responding to an actual kidnapping or other comparable threats to personal security.

Our post-incident assessments serve as the template for developing proactive measures to identify and prevent possible future incidents. Where necessary, our in-house technology consultants and engineers also design, upgrade and install sophisticated systems.

Finally, Guidepost has long-term relationships with world-class public relations firms with offices throughout the world. Our clients have timely access to these resources for advice and media contacts to assist in mitigating reputational damage and controlling media attention.

Personal Protection Services   |  back to list ^

Guidepost Solutions offers a variety of security services to our clients. The firm’s most recent offering, Private Client Protection, is designed to provide on an as needed basis an array of personal security services. One of the most critical is personal protection for individuals and their families.

Guidepost’s personnel includes highly trained and experienced former agents from the Secret Service, US Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Marshal’s Service Witness Protection Program and the NYPD Intelligence Division. These groups all specialized in planning and providing personal protection including static security for residences, offices and meeting venues as well as mobile security during domestic and international travel. Our security teams can be both armed and unarmed, depending on the situation and our client’s needs.

Advance visits to proposed travel destinations to identify routes, sites being visited, local security and medical resources, types of available transportation form a critical component of Guidepost’s Personal Protection Services.

Guidepost also monitors the selection and training of client’s protection personnel to include such critical skills as evasive driving and surveillance recognition and countermeasures. Guidepost’s Technology Design Consulting Group (TDC) frequently interfaces with the firm’s Protection Services to insure that leading edge technology in the areas of video surveillance and detection systems are deployed to insure the maximum level of protection for our clients.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures   |  back to list ^

Guidepost Solutions offers a comprehensive information security program designed to protect all aspects of our client’s sensitive information. In addition to physical security measures to control and monitor access, document security procedures and detailed IT security assessments, Guidepost also conducts Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Surveys (TSCM). TSCM surveys are designed to detect unauthorized and illegal, covert listening/recording/transmitting devices. Our team of countermeasures experts conducts electromagnetic radio frequency spectrum sweeps consisting of an analysis of radio frequency transmissions emanating from concealed radio transmitters or “bugs” that may have been placed in a client’s office or meeting room. They also conduct a thorough physical inspection of offices used for sensitive meetings including a detailed inspection of the room’s contents and electrical outlets to locate hardwired transmitters and passive devices/recorders.

Our team also conducts a detailed evaluation of client’s telecommunications system to detect whether any bypass, removal, alteration or modification of the standard system has occurred. This procedure consists of a physical inspection of the system and its components such as telephone handsets as well as an electronic analysis for the detection of a possible penetration.

Following the survey, our clients are provided with a comprehensive report detailing all aspects of the TSCM review. These reports include photographs of the areas survey and summaries of the ambient radio frequencies present in the surveyed space to be used as a baseline for subsequent “sweeps”.

Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment and
Master Planning   |  back to list ^

Guidepost Solutions provides comprehensive “All Risks” threat, risk, and vulnerability (“TRV”) assessments as well as targeted TRV assessments that specifically address physical security, cyber security and fraud. The hallmarks of our TRV assessments are proven methodologies, concise, discretely communicated findings, and actionable recommendations that satisfy board members, corporate leaders and regulators:

“All Risks” TRV Assessments

Threats, risks and vulnerabilities are impervious to labels and effectively addressing them often requires the efforts of multiple departments and disciplines. An integrity issue can develop into a physical security incident. A cybersecurity vulnerability can lead to a loss of intellectual property. The TRV environment within an organization constantly changes based on internal and external circumstances. Whether it is a determined outsider with a pre-mediated plot to take advantage of a gaping hole or a dedicated insider acting on the spur of the moment to slip through an institutional crack, an organization can defend itself only by identifying the holes and cracks and plugging them up.

Guidepost Solutions integrates years of diverse risk mitigation experience with specific client knowledge to develop solutions for the full spectrum of physical, cyber and integrity issues that confront any organization. Whether your organization addresses threats, risks and vulnerabilities with a centralized chief security officer, or such responsibility is decentralized across various departments, our “All Risks” TRV Assessment is designed to help board members, corporate executives and managers to understand the TRV “big picture” and to drill down to actionable recommendations that proactively safeguard people, assets, and reputation while satisfying customers, regulators and shareholders. Our “All Risks” TRV Assessment includes a TRV assessments of physical, cyber, and integrity security, as described in more detail below.

Physical Security TRV Assessment

Our knowledge of law enforcement, engineering, property management and technology gives us remarkable insight, common sense and credibility, all of which lead to cutting-edge yet actionable recommendations to protect the physical security of our clients. Guidepost Solutions delivers physical security assessments and recommendations to regulators, investors, boards, senior managers, in-house security, risk mitigation professionals, design teams, construction managers and facilities managers.

Guidepost uses our proprietary methodologies to identify, measure and address physical security threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Our experience is especially broad and deep in the following environments:

  • Hospitals and research facilities
  • Data centers
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Public safety and detention facilities
  • Municipal buildings
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • High-rise buildings
  • Corporate campuses
  • High-profile, mixed-use developments

We also possess expertise in a variety of regulated, industry-specific physical security assessment methodologies and excel in serving highly-regulated industries such as:

  • Chemical
  • Power
  • Nuclear
  • Transit

Cybersecurity TRV Assessment

Our comprehensive cybersecurity TRV assessment analyzes not only a client’s IT networks and systems, but also the people, policies and procedures underlying those networks and systems, which are crucial to the protection of an organization’s intellectual property and other assets. Guidepost Solutions integrates its knowledge of human behavior, information technology, intelligence, law enforcement and IT management to identify gaps and to position clients to strengthen both technological and human-driven defenses to cyber attacks and other security breaches. Our cyber experts work closely with each client’s IT, security and general staff to best understand both internal and external threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Our successful experience encompasses a full spectrum of data criticality and regulatory requirements. On all assignments, Guidepost Solutions maintains strict adherence to recognized best practices and a dedication to achieving results and return on investment.

Integrity TRV Assessment

A company’s greatest threat may come from within, at the hand of just one individual who knows how to manipulate systems and avoid checks to serve his or her own ends. Guidepost Solutions is expert at identifying instances of fraud and other financial malfeasance and assessing, analyzing and improving the control and integrity environments of client organizations. Our Integrity TRV Assessment integrates our unique expertise in forensic accounting, financial investigation and integrity monitoring and includes a thorough review of compliance, purchasing, legal, security and accounting policies, procedures and operations. We provide discreet reports with actionable recommendations that allow our clients to confront and correct issues, recover monies and strengthen their integrity environment. Guidepost Solutions can tailor its integrity assessment methodologies to any industry or situation and all types of regulatory and compliance requirements. In all instances, our Integrity TRV Assessment will protect a client’s bottom line and satisfy stakeholders and regulators.

Travel Security Briefings   |  back to list ^

Guidepost Solutions security consultants have had extensive experience operating in a variety of foreign environments and advising clients on measures that they can implement to enhance their personal security and safety. Our travel security and safety briefings address all aspects of overseas travel. The initial portion of an in-depth briefing consists of an up-to-date assessment of the country being visited with an evaluation of issues such as:

  • Political instability
  • Demonstrations
  • Criminal activity
  • Effectiveness of the local police
  • Available diplomatic facilities
  • An evaluation of local medical facilities
  • Local health conditions
The general presentation is designed to reduce threats by focusing on good planning and procedures in the areas of travel planning, arrival procedures, behavior during the stay and departure procedures. Emphasis is placed on denying useful information to a potential assailant by maintaining a low profile, avoiding patterns and routines and being vigilant.