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Guidepost Solutions understands that a command of the facts is the foundation of any successful business or legal strategy in any forum, including litigation, employment, contract negotiation and corporate investment.

Guidepost Solutions helps our clients to master the facts with our integrated team of investigative, forensic and research professionals. Whether such facts are hidden in plain sight, scattered on a hard drive or innocently or maliciously obscured, our team is expert at discovering, analyzing and presenting this data.

With our global team of multi-disciplinary professionals, Guidepost Solutions can reach the most remote locations to investigate any matter of importance to our clients. We use our unique capabilities, relationships, tools and programs to unearth and analyze crucial information, allowing our clients to confidently confront any issues that arise in their business. Our investigators, intelligence analysts and forensic professionals have achieved an unparalleled track record of positive outcomes, significant cost avoidance, asset recovery and reputational enhancement for our clients.

Our team of experts can provide a diverse array of investigative services, including performing due diligence on financial investments, determining the validity of fraud allegations and checking backgrounds to ensure our clients are hiring only the most competent employees.

The services we offer include, but are not limited to, those shown below:

Investigation Services