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What we’re working on…Project Spotlight

Guidepost Solutions Providing a Technology Assessment

The Project:

JohnHancockBldgsJohn Hancock Properties buys, sells, and manages numerous properties across the country. The firm decided to complete a network infrastructure assessment for various properties within their portfolio. Corporate real estate security networks work in harmony to provide access control, video surveillance, visitor management, and other key security needs across the portfolio. This harmonious set of systems is balanced atop an underlying infrastructure whose core responsibility is up-time and reliability. This system infrastructure has evolved over time from hard-wired analog signals to a robust TCP/IP based network, in sync with the latest technology. Although these sophisticated networks “work” quite well out of the box, inherently they may not be secure. Within security networks that have been in place for an extended period, it is common to find a carefully balanced set of technologies riding on a network backbone which is only functional at best. Because of these uncertainties in the evolution of security networks, and a will to better understand and advance its security posture, John Hancock Properties commissioned Guidepost Solutions to provide a technology assessment for various properties within its portfolio.

Guidepost’s Solution:

Guidepost Solutions has served as a long-standing security assessment partner to John Hancock Properties. Traditionally, these assessments have included an inventory of current security technologies and the network infrastructure. For this new and critical project, we leveraged our unique cyber and physical security expertise to carefully assess current systems and compare them to best-practice standards. This assessment resulted in a comprehensive action plan that outlined vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, exemplary installation aspects, and an inventory of best practice must-haves. Just as a building requires a strong foundation to stand, a security network must operate from a position of security and fortitude. By engaging Guidepost Solutions to perform this assessment, John Hancock Properties can more precisely determine how its security infrastructure and technology at their properties stacks up against where they ultimately want to be, and put a plan in place to achieve that goal and enhance its security posture.

Guidepost Solutions is proud to ensure our world becomes a safer place.

Who’s working on our projects…Expert Spotlight

Dario Lobozzo, Senior Program Manager

Meet Dario Lobozzo, senior program manager at Guidepost Solutions in our Chicago office.

Dario brings extensive experience providing systems design, successfully guiding high profile projects to completion and meeting the client’s end goals. He has designed enterprise-scale systems for video surveillance applications and integrations, including specifying camera, network, server, and storage designs.

When not diligently leading a Guidepost Solutions project, Dario can be found biking, hiking, enjoying a good cigar, or a high-energy electronic dance music or rap concert. This summer, he ventured to the Pitchfork Music Festival, Spring Awakening, and Lollapallooza. He was born in New Jersey, Bergen County to be precise. Dario received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Systems with a focus on Business Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.