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What we’re working on…Project Spotlight

Guidepost Solutions Supports Apache Corporation with Managed Services

The Project:
Apache Corporation is a Fortune 500 energy company that explores, develops, and produces natural gas, crude oil, and natural gas liquids. The company is based in Houston, Texas and has a global asset portfolio.

Guidepost’s Solution:
Guidepost Solutions was engaged by Apache to provide Managed Services for their security operations, coinciding with a global implementation of access control and video surveillance. This initiative resulted after we conducted a master plan to assess Apache’s technology posture and their ability to effectively monitor a diverse and distributed group of assets. As part of this deployment, the Managed Services team helped Apache establish and implement their technology-enforced security controls through configuration standards for identity and access management, HR integrations, device management, alarm management, and other security related processes.

Guidepost Solutions provides services in four key areas:

Continuous Support:
Serves as the single point-of-contact for any access control or video platform support item such as system programming; remote support and device break/fix management; investigation support; and training, including 24/7 support for critical outages with a guaranteed one-hour response.

Implementation Assurance:
Provides enterprise consistency while Apache continues to source their preferred local integrators. Centralized management of the company’s platform deployments ensure all new installations, regardless of size or schedule, adhere to the standards that were established to best protect Apache’s people and assets.

Platform Optimization:
Identifies and addresses degraded controls on a continual basis through measures such as alarm reduction and video performance auditing, keeping Apache’s systems tuned for the current environment. Once a security control has been implemented, it can fall out of relevance over time due to changes in the secured environment, and at an enterprise scale, such changes are inevitable.

Operational Insight:
Provides business intelligence of the health and performance of Apache’s systems, including metrics for system health, alarm trending, device failure and resolution timeframes, and service expenditures.

Guidepost Solutions is proud of our partnership with Apache and we continuously strive to improve their client experience with a high-level of professionalism and expertise the company receives from our Managed Services team.

Who’s working on our projects…Expert Spotlight

Anthony (AJ) Wilkinson, Enterprise Analyst

A key team member of the Managed Services team is Anthony (AJ) Wilkinson, an enterprise analyst at Guidepost Solutions who is based in our Dallas office. He brings five years of physical security systems experience to the team.

AJ has been in the security industry since 2007 working directly with complex integrated solutions in highly-secure environments. He has planned and performed more than 40 access control and video AMAG/LENEL system upgrades, and has programmed thousands of security devices and provided support for many security projects. His expertise lies in his ability to expertly diagnose and troubleshoot security software and hardware related issues.

Before entering the security industry, AJ was a U.S. Marine for 10 years, serving at the Naval Air Station in Ft. Worth, Texas; Camp Pendleton in California; the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida; and the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. When he was growing up he had intended to pursue a career in music education; however, he is very glad that his career path led him to helping others stay safe and secure.

When AJ is not focusing on Managed Services for clients, he spends time teaching his 8-year-old daughter how to speak Korean (who already is fluent in English and Spanish); following his favorite sports teams including the New Orleans Saints, the Dallas Mavericks, Manchester United FC, and the Dallas Stars; and playing semi-professional poker. AJ is clearly well-versed with time-management skills to fit in all those activities.